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wc1Anastasia World Traveler Palette

I am so excited to see another palette from Anastasia, but this one was very hard to get ahold of! I went to three different Ulta stores trying to get it in person, but finally resolved myself to ordering it online. It was worth the wait! The eyeshadows are like butter and have intense pigmentation. The more glitter packed shades in this palette (Pink Champagne and Chic) do have a little bit of fallout when you wear them throughout the day. Applying them wet does help to minimize it, but it still does happen. I was real disappointed by the eyeshadow ‘Heirloom’ in this palette; it acts like Smolder from the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. Looks like a beautiful purple in the pan but applies black. I would have liked for that one to have been more true to color.

My favorite eyeshadows in this palette are Morocco and Pink Champagne (surprisingly, I don’t have anything remotely close to Pink Champagne!). I do feel like Anastasia could have made this palette a little better by adding another color in place of ‘Noir’ as so many of us already have great matte black eyeshadows. Overall, I feel like it’s an excellent palette for the price, despite the minor issues mentioned above. Have you tried this one?



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  1. It’s a shame some of the shadows are so disappointing – I also loved the look of the purple one. Why is purple such a hard shade to get “right”. Personally, I wish companies would STOP putting a black shadow in EVERY palette because those of us who have even a few palettes or an eyeshadow collection of more than just a few shades probably have TOO MANY BLACK SHADOWS already (though I guess if you are using this as a travel palette, maybe having the black is “necessary”). Not sure if I can even get this palette here (Sephora carries a very limited amount of Anastasia) but the 2 shades I really liked – Heirloom and Pink Champagne – are giving me pause!

    1. I don’t understand the purple conundrum either! πŸ™ I am tired of these black eyeshadows, too! I would have much preferred to have had another color there, anyday!

  2. I love the colors in this pallette but the idea of fall out does not make me want to purchase one. Can’t wait to see the looks you created with it.

  3. I have walked by this palette so many times and put it back once and now after seeing the first two looks I must order itπŸ˜“ if I still can.

  4. I just love look number 2! Trying it out tomorrow! I overall like this palette very much, but Spoiled looks so much alike Bellini… So instead of changing the colour Noir (which makes this palette complete and perfect for traveling), I would like to see another colour instead of Spoiled. I feel like this is a duller version of Bellini actually :p

  5. Zabrena you are the ultimate combo guru. I cannot believe how many you already have up there from this palatte, that I was kind of at a loss for as far as combo ideas. Good thing I can always count on you. Can’t wait to try 5 and 6

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