12 NEW Duochrome Eyeshadows from MakeupGeek


If you naturally love duochrome eyeshadows, you are going to SWOON over these 12 new releases from MakeupGeek! Each is uniquely one of a kind and even though there are a couple with minor similarities to some MAC shades, for the most part there are many brand new colors. I have always been happy with the rich pigmentation of MakeupGeek eyeshadows and these are no exception. They require little effort to get them to show on the eyes and they blend just as easily. The beauty of duochrome eyeshadows is the ability to wear one shade on the eyes and it looks like you’re wearing two. You can also layer duochrome colors over a black base to bring the top layer colors out more brilliantly. The possibilities are endless!

Voltage has a vanilla base with yellow reflects and is one of those colors that’s great on the lid with a simple neutral in the crease. A great eyeshadow for any time and any occasion.

I’m Peachless is a buff base with peachy-pink reflects. This instantly reminded me of a much lighter version of MAC’s Motif, with less gold and more peach tones. If you like Motif, you will love this one!

Mai Tai has an apricot base with orchid reflects and is quite the unusual mixture! You can easily see the purple sheen in this one and the pigmentation is second to none. This is more comparable to Motif in the apricot color, but it has a purple overlay rather than the pink/gold sheen in Motif.

Karma is a golden base with yellow-green reflects and is very reminiscent of MAC’s Gorgeous Gold. Layer this one over a black base for a stunning effect!

Ritzy is a warm red-brown base with green-gold reflects. Another highly unusual color and a great addition for more versatility in a collection.

Havoc has a warm red-brown base with teal reflects; very similar to Ritzy as far as the base color, but with a more teal hue on top rather than green.

Rockstar is a medium silver base with purple-pink reflects and is one I would describe as a taupe-silver-lavender. Excellent with neutrals and purples alike!

Phantom has a white base with violet purple reflects and if you examine it closely, I swear there’s a little bit of pink mixed in there. I originally wanted to compare this shade to MAC’s discontinued Seedy Pearl, but Seedy Pearl is more red-based and pink, whereas Phantom is more lavender.

Blacklight has an electric purple base with icy blue reflects. This is another one of those shades to try over a black base to pull out more of the blue!

Typhoon is a deep teal base with green and gold reflects. I was instantly reminded of a mermaid with this color, if mermaids wore eyeshadow … or existed for that matter!

Secret Garden has a deep espresso base with bright teal reflects. If you love MAC’s Club eyeshadow, but you always wanted more of the green to come through, this is the shade for you! This is the reverse of Club; the vibrant green is not overshadowed by the espresso tones and takes center stage!

Steampunk is a black base eyeshadow with rich copper reflects. I did not expect to like this one, but was pleasantly surprised by it! It is more of a red-based brown with a greenish-gray underlayer … you wouldn’t think the colors would work well together, but they do!

(Top Row, L to R) Voltage, I’m Peachless, Mai Tai, Karma, Ritzy, Havoc (Bottom Row, L to R) Rockstar, Phantom, Blacklight, Typhoon, Secret Garden, Steampunk


Get the new MUG duochrome eyeshadows here!


And a couple of looks with these eyeshadows …

Look #1

MUG eyeshadows used:


Look #2

MUG eyeshadows used:


7 thoughts on “12 NEW Duochrome Eyeshadows from MakeupGeek

  1. Oh my goodness im so happy you got your hands on these, I bought them and love them, but I’ve been having a hard time coming up with combinations. I just receive them a week ago and everything you described them as is true, and not just these all MG eyeshadows are very pigmented and easy to blend. I can’t wait to see what combos you come up with. Im in love with this two already. Thanks Z I’m definitely using combo #1 tomorrow.

    1. YAY!! So happy to hear you’re enjoying them too, Rg! 🙂 I will have a post going up next weekend with a ton more combos to try with these eyeshadows, looking forward to that!

  2. Duochromes are just so fun.

    I think Rockstar would be great for a quick, everyday, one shadow wash of color with just a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

    What’s your Snapchat? I can’t find you under myeyeshadowconsultant or macshadowcombos.

  3. Dear Z, in your tutorial you are happy person, since accidently found you in youtube i am watch everyday, you make an old gal feel young and i start to use makeup again,( since the love of my life went to” other side to” antique store :'( . You make me see life is not sad and should be happy that we are alive, my friend see that am not an “old bat” anymore, i told myfriend should go to youtube see Zabrena, my eyeshdow consultant
    Keep up the work Dear, God Bless you and your and Very Merry Christmas 😉

  4. Can you do a review on the NYX eyeshadows? They have some palettes that look pretty good like the Dream Catcher palette or the Avant Pop! Nouveau Chic Shadow Palette but I haven’t seen many tutorials or reviews on them.

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