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MakeupGeek has released 18 brand new matte and shimmer eyeshadows! YAY! (Get them here!) I have been hoping to see more purple eyeshadows added to the line, so I was very excited when I saw SO many new purple additions! I found every eyeshadow to be creamy, pigmented, easy to work with as many have been in the past. I’ll break down each shade and let you know my thoughts on each one in terms of color, and if there are any comparable shades out there to help save you some money. 😉

(Top Row, L to R) Sand Dollar, Friend Zone, Rebel, Pillow Talk, Hot Pants, Toxic (Middle Row, L to R) Casino, Sin City, Tiki Hut, Wild West, Brownie Points, Venom (Bottom Row, L to R) Tuscan Sun, Anarchy, Fashion Addict, Hopscotch, Chit Chat, Taboo


Anarchy is a pinky purple shimmer finish; my favorite out of the bunch. I was instantly reminded of MAC’s Star Violet and while they are similar, Anarchy has more pink tones than Star Violet’s more purple tones.

Brownie Points is a neutral, cool-toned matte brown with gray undertones. I initially thought it was a dupe for UD’s DTF but DTF has more gray tones than Brownie Points.

Casino is an intense canary yellow shimmer shade and is like MAC’s Goldmine on steroids, with more orange tones mixed in. Looks amazing when mixed with Inglot’s Duraline and applied to the waterline!

Chit Chat is a matte baby blue and a dead ringer for UD’s vintage shade UV-B that was recently re-released in the Reloaded palette. There are more purple tones in UV-B if you study it closely, but the shades are hard to tell apart otherwise.

Fashion Addict is a more pink than purple matte finish; pinker than MUG’s Wisteria and deeper than MUG’s Carnival. No comparable shades in my collection!

Friend Zone is a medium gray, matte finish; comparable to Laura Mercier’s Sable but a touch warmer. Swatched side by side it’s hard to tell the two apart.

Hopscotch is blue based matte purple. Cool blues like this are not usually my favorites, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but if you think of one, share it below!

Hot Pants is a duochrome shimmer with pink and blue tones; a dead ringer for MAC’s Stars ‘ N Rockets, but with more pinky tones than blue. Layering it over a black base will bring out more of the blue tones!

Pillow Talk is a lilac, shimmer finish and very similar in color to MakeupGeek’s foiled eyeshadow, Daydreamer. The finish is different with Pillow Talk though, it’s intense, but less intense than the foiled finish, if that makes sense. Despite already having Daydreamer, I don’t regret getting Pillow Talk because it’s one of those shades we can’t have too much of.

Rebel is my least favorite color out of the bunch and not personally exciting. I would describe it as a dirty bluish-purple with gold glitter, like a bluer version of MAC’s Trax. Don’t get me wrong, it’s really unique and not like anything I’ve ever seen (to each her own!), just not for me.

Sand Dollar is a light gray-silver, matte finish that reminds me a LOT of MAC’s limited edition, All Races eyeshadow. One of my favorites for a long time and I had forgotten about it until I swatched Sand Dollar. Sand Dollar is a touch lighter, but they are very similar.

Sin City is a muted orange-yellow shimmer, great for green and blue eyes alike. VERY close in color to MAC’s limited edition, Off the Page eyeshadow.

Taboo is a deep matte purple identical to MAC’s Shadowy Lady, so if you already own the MAC shade, you can skip this one!

Tiki Hut is an orange-brown, matte finish and is one of those great crease shades for so many looks. It reminded me a lot of MAC’s Outre when I first swatched it, but it is darker. I found it to be a dupe for ‘Burlap’ from the LORAC MegaPRO2 palette; identical shade.

Toxic is a shimmer purple eyeshadow with strong magenta-pink undertones. Really unique; I couldn’t find anything in my collection to match it.

Tuscan Sun is pinky-mauve matte finish and looks great when paired up with neutral grays on the lid. Adds a lot of warmth to a cool look without being too much.

Venom is an intense green shimmer with gold glitter; talk about a great holiday eyeshadow! I have nothing like this, really unique shade.

Wild West is a warm chocolate matte brown with red undertones; nearly identical to MAC’s Folie eyeshadow, but slightly more neutral. Folie has more red tones.

Which shades are your favorites?

Mikko personally loved Pillow Talk and wanted to add it to his toy box LOL


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19 thoughts on “NEW MakeupGeek Eyeshadows | Swatches & Looks

  1. Thanks for posting these looks so pretty! I just recently bought many of the shades and am excited to try some of these looks!

      1. Let’s see: Anarchy(love), Hot Pants, Chit Chat,Fashion Addict,Hopscotch,Pillow Talk,rebel (love),Taboo, Tuscan Sun, and Venom. The loves are my favorites. Can’t wait to see what other looks you do. You are so creative!!

  2. Great descriptions! There are several that I wouldn’t mind getting my little makeup loving fingers on. Venom, Taboo(have wanted ShadowynLady but haven’t yet my guess is that this formula, is better than MAC’s), Anarchy, Brownie Points, Tuscun Sun, Sin City, Casino😊 I need another shadow like, well, you know how the saying goes😊

  3. Great descriptions! There are several that I wouldn’t mind getting my little makeup loving fingers on. Venom, Taboo(have wanted Shadowy Lady but haven’t yet my guess is that this formula, is better than MAC’s), Anarchy, Brownie Points, Tuscun Sun, Sin City, Casino😊 I need another shadow like, well, you know how the saying goes😊

  4. These are lovely! I hope to see more looks! Just can’t get enough of MUG’s amazing shades! I can also see these pairing well with some of the foiled and duochrome shadows 😊

  5. Chit Chat is described on MUG’s website as a shimmer, not a matte – does it look and perform as matte in person? I only picked up 3 new shades (Anarchy, Tuscan Sun and Wild West – I already have Sin City and Casino from the Vegas palette) but plan on getting more!

  6. I honestly wish I hadn’t bothered to invest in ha,d the MAC shadows I have, when Makeup Geek shadows are equal if not sometimes better in quality, for 1/3 of the price!

    1. Peggy, I would normally agree with you, but did you hear that MAC recently lowered their prices on their eyeshadow pans (not the ones that come in compacts) to the exact same price as Makeup Geek’s ($6)??

        1. Thanks so much for the comparison of Fashion Addict to both Wisteria and Carnival – I was totally wondering about that! Now, after hearing that it’s more pink, how does Fashion Addict compare to Simply Marlena (aside from the glitter flecks)?

      1. Just now seeing this, Shannon….wow I had no idea! Like Z saidI wonder if this was a calculated move by MAC…😉 Thanks for the info!

  7. As usual Zabrena your eyeshadow combos and looks have me salivating and wanting more. LOL Thanks so much for putting these new looks in the post. I am so enjoying these new shades from MUG.

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