Too Faced Peach Palette DUPES / Substitutions & Looks


Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

First, I’d like to give a special “THANK YOU!” to Dena for letting me borrow her palette for this post! Like so many of our friends here, I was unable to get a Peach palette amidst the scurry of everyone trying to get one. Therefore, as part of this post I thought it would be helpful to include some dupes you can use in place of the shades in the palette. I know Too Faced is working on getting more of these palettes made, but in the meantime, the dupes can help you in recreating some of the looks in this post, and any others you may see around the makeup world.

If you’re wondering about the smell of the palette, it’s not as “peachy” as I had anticipated. As a proud Georgia girl who LOVES August for peach season alone, I can tell you this smells nothing like peaches. Instead, it’s more of a plastic-sweet scent than anything else. It’s the kind of sweet that smells very artificial, ten fold. I personally don’t care for scents in my makeup as it is, and this is just annoying after a while.

As far as pigmentation goes, each of the eyeshadows perform beautifully. I didn’t encounter any duds, nor any that I had trouble swatching. I had the same experience with application; easy, smooth, buttery and easy to blend. I don’t feel like there are enough unique shades in this palette to justify the mass scramble for it, personally. The most unique shades in here that I had trouble duping were Just Peachy, Delectable and Bellini, but other than that, we all probably already have these shades.

If you were going to ask me if I’ll buy one for myself when it comes out, I’m going to tell you “Nope!” I didn’t fall in love with it and I can see myself living just fine without it, personally … but that’s just me! 🙂

What do you think about this palette? 

The Dupes


White Peach vs. MAC Vanilla

Hard to tell these two apart, although I feel like Vanilla is a little more pigmented than White Peach’s formula.


Luscious vs. MAC All That Glitters

Dead on dupe between these two, hard to tell them apart!


Just Peachy vs. MAC Paradisco + Da Bling

One of the more unique shades in the palette and a hard one to dupe; I got close by layering Paradisco with Da Bling.


Bless Her Heart vs. Inglot #419

if you study the two closely, you can see more golden tones in Inglot’s version, but on the eyes, these two look identical!


Tempting vs. UD Deadbeat (Vice 4)

Harder to dupe; you wouldn’t think there would be so many different black shades, but there are! This is the closest I came to a dupe.


Charmed, I’m Sure vs. MAC Corduroy

Corduroy leans a little more warm and if you look closely you can see more of the red tones in Corduroy, but other than that REAL close.


Nectar vs. MUG Rapunzel

Nectar has more golden tones, while Rapunzel is more white toned, but one could easily be used in place of the other.


Cobbler vs. LORAC Uncensored (Unzipped)

If you look closely, you can see more peach tones in TF’s version, but LORAC’s eyeshadow is an excellent substitute.


Candied Peach vs. MUG Poppy

Very easily replicated in MakeupGeek’s Poppy; there are tiny pink sparkles in TF’s version, but that’s the only difference.


Bellini vs. MAC Expensive Pink

Not identical, and EP has more golden tones than Bellini; a harder eyeshadow to dupe in the palette.

peachpitdupe_smallPeach Pit vs. MAC Twinks

Twinks has more purple tones by comparison in the swatch; I think Twinks is a prettier shade, too!

delectable_smallDelectable vs. LORAC Plum (Pro Palette 2)

Not an exact dupe here; TF’s shade is a red based purple and LORAC’s is cooler by comparison. Closest I found in my collection.

peachescreamdupe_smallPeaches & Cream vs. Anastasia Soft Peach

Soft Peach is a little darker by comparison; MakeupGeek’s Beaches & Cream is also close!

georgiadupe_smallGeorgia vs. LORAC Nectar (Pro Palette 2)

VERY close between these two, although LORAC’s version is a little more pigmented.

carmelizeddupe_smallCarmelized vs. MAC Bronze

Identical; real hard to tell these two apart!

pureedupe_smallPuree vs. MAC Saddle

Identical; hard to tell these two apart, too!

summeryumdupe_smallSummer Yum vs. MUG Cocoa Bear

Identical; hard to tell them apart! MAC’s Brown Script is also a dupe 🙂

talkderbytomedupe_smallTalk Derby to Me vs. Stila Catalyst (In the Moment)

This is a black shade with purple sparkles; unfortunately, Catalyst is the closest I could find, although one of my Snapchat friends mentioned ColourPop’s Envy is also pretty close (and more readily available)!

Looks You Can Create With this Palette

Look #1

Eyeshadows used:

  • Nectar (inner third of lid)
  • Just Peachy (middle of lid)
  • Candied Peach (outer third and outer v)
  • Summer Yum (crease)


26 thoughts on “Too Faced Peach Palette DUPES / Substitutions & Looks

  1. Heck no, I’m not buying it. I didn’t think it was unique enough at all. How can they call it a peach palette when only 4 out of the 18 shades are peach? Thanks so much for the dupes, I knew I had most of them anyway. Did you try swatching Just Peachy next to MUG’s Mango Tango? Are they close at all? Oh and Bellini/Expensive Pink also = MUG’s Cosmopolitan.

    1. LOL “Heck no I’m not buying it!” You cracked me up! I agree! I was expecting WAY more peach toned eyeshadows, peachy neutrals, something dupable for MAC’s discontinued Samoa Silk, those kinds of shades. Very disappointing. 🙁 Yes! I did try swatching Just Peachy next to Mango Tango, but MT was missing the pink; it’s more orange, but great minds think alike!

      1. Bettina Henriksen


        If you want a dupe for Mac`s Samoa Silk,look no further than Colourpop`s eyeshadow called I Spy,this one is also about 95% similar to MUG Peach Smoothie AND it is only 5$!! 🙂

  2. Amazing job at the dupes and the looks. The looks you came up with are sensational! Looking forward to the rest of them and you are again so welcome!

  3. I was considering it, because I liked the look of the palette, now I see why- I technically already own 14 of shades already thanks to your great dupes! Easy pass!

  4. Somehow, little me from Europe, got a hold of two sweet peach palettes in the first launch on Sephora. I have found this a great addition to my stash and made some beautiful looks with it. I really love the shades Summer Yum, Georgia and Nectar.
    I do think Too Faced could have done a better job by producing more, not making it a LE or something. They have been hyping this palette since last Christmas!

    1. Exactly! Good for you for being able to get one! I know our European friends typically have more trouble getting these kinds of palettes. 🙁 YAY for you!!

  5. I too passed on the Peach Palette. I get turned off on these “Limited Edition” palettes when they are actually “Limited Quantities” palettes.
    Thank you so much for the dupes!

  6. Katie Parano-Friesen


    The eye shadow addict in me was feeling pains over not grabbing it when I had the chance…. thank you for clearing that all up! Your swatches and dupes are the best. I definitely don’t need this booger.

  7. Great to see the swatches and your review, Zabrena. I actually saw this palette in store and could have ordered it online from Debenhams but decided not to get it. Hard decision as it looks really cool but glad I didn’t get it now. I have similar shades in my existing make-up collection, so I can easily dupe it (and great to see your suggested dupes!).

    The limited edition/lack of supply issue also really put me off. I might have been more likely to get it, actually, if it hadn’t been for the low levels of stock being sold in the shops. I didn’t want to ‘panic buy’ it and then regret it later.

  8. So glad I found your site! I was going to buy it but I really only liked two of the colors; purée & summer yum. I already had brown script & saddle in mac collection so it was an easy pass!

  9. I do love this palette but am having trouble coming up with combinations that work. Are you going to do any more “looks” for this one?

      1. I received a sample of BareMineral Statement lipstick in Srsly red 🙂 so I used it and it is SERIOUSLY red LOL but it pulled the look together nicely.

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