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Tarte Swamp Queen Eyeshadow Palette

The Tarte Swamp Queen eyeshadow palette is a limited edition release from Tarte in collaboration with popular YouTuber, Bunny aka Grav3yardGirl. It contains 12 eyeshadows in a mixture of frost, shimmer and matte finishes. This palette both impressed and disappointed me and here’s why. First off, the pigmentation and quality of the eyeshadows is right on target. If you’ve ever tried any of Tarte’s eyeshadows in the past, you can expect to find the same consistency and attributes in these as well. There are a couple glitter bombers in shades ‘Sippy Sippy’ and ‘Gator Wings’ – both formulas are soft (too much pressure from the brush and you get more than you need) and do tend to have a lot of fallout that occurs throughout the day.

The disappointment for me is in the color range. The neutrals are excellent and I love these kinds of colors, but they can be found and duped in a LOT of existing, non limited edition palettes out there. Additionally, the row of purples wasn’t what I thought it would be. I found ‘Hashtag’ and ‘Uncommon’ to be rather similar to one another and didn’t show on the eyes as beautifully as they did in swatches. My personal opinion. πŸ™

Overall, I don’t recommend it from the standpoint of the dupable colors (i.e. Anastasia Modern Renaissance has similar colors, is cheaper and not limited edition), and the disappointing purple shades. The quality is excellent, but that’s about the only positive aspect I feel it offers.

What do you think about this palette?




Look #1

Eyeshadows used:

  • Gator Wings (inner half of lid)
  • Dogman (outer half of lid and into outer v)
  • Natural Peaches (crease)


5 thoughts on “Tarte Grav3yardGirl SwampQueen Palette | Looks & Review

  1. Glad I skipped it when it came out. I was on the fence of ordering it when I got the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. But since I don’t often go for purple, and the top row looks common I eventually removed it from my basket.
    The looks are beautiful though! And no.2 looks like something I wear often with the tarte Light of the Party palette πŸ™‚

  2. I completely love it .. this palette is warm without being overly warm like the Renaissance palette. This is a minority opinion as everyone seems to love the Anastasia palette, but ya gotta buy what works for ya πŸ™‚


  3. I agree the eyeshadow are dupeable. However, I love the fact that a full face palette contains a blush and highlighter that I can use. I am black and usually I have to repurpose these products in a face palette. The bronzer works as a grea transition shade on my eyes. Great palette for traveling. Great quality Tarte product.

  4. I love this palette… it’s so pretty and so are your looks!!! Can you do some looks useing the tarte toasted palette

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