UD Naked Ultimate Basics Palette | Review & Looks


The UD Naked Ultimate Basics Palette contains 12 eyeshadows, all in matte finishes in a variety of cool and warm neutral shades. Urban Decay has always made very nice matte eyeshadows in my opinion and this palette is no exception. Surprisingly, I like the color range provided in this palette and the payoff. I did struggle a little bit with the lighter shades in application and found them to be rather chalky on application (most notably, Blow), but the other shades didn’t give me that problem. I also feel there to be a slight disconnect in how the eyeshadows swatched compared to how they appeared on the lids. The pigmentation is a touch lighter after application. Normally I wouldn’t care for that, but for some reason with this palette I didn’t mind it much and liked how the eyeshadows looked. Weird, huh?

After testing the longevity I didn’t find these to fade or turn muddy, as some of UD’s matte shades have done to me in the past, so two thumbs up for that (finally!). Now, do you need this palette? In all sincerity, it is a great all matte palette and if you’re looking for something like that, it’s an excellent one to add. However, if you have a variety of matte neutrals already, this is not one you “need” in my opinion. Nice, great quality, but not a must-have. What do you think about this one? Hit or miss?




Look #1

  • Faith (crease)
  • Extra Bitter (outer half of lid)
  • Pre-game (inner half of lid)


4 thoughts on “UD Naked Ultimate Basics Palette | Review & Looks

  1. Yay, you’re back! I actually love this palette in combination with all of my other eyeshadows. I don’t usually do all-matte looks, so I have to work in more shimmer from other palettes. But, I do love these shades for my crease and outer V. I feel they blend really well and last a fair amount of time on my eyes.. with primer, of course.

  2. Welcome back! You want to know something funny – when I saw this palette in-store, I still had no desire to buy it for the shadows (i normally don’t like larger, bulky palettes, plus I already have quite a large collection of matte shadows), but I’m so tempted to get it….just for the brush!! I am dying over the small, smudge end. I don’t have anything like it, and I can’t find any other brush exactly like it either – perhaps in shape, but not in density/softness. If you happen to know of one just like it, please let me know!

  3. I don’t have any matte eyeshadow palette and I’m hesitant between getting this one or Stila Mind palette. I find them really similar on color range and I heard controversial opinions on which one it’s better. I like both, I don’t know what to do!!!

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