How Do I Find ...?

Have you done any combinations with “Insert Name Here” eyeshadow or pigment?

If you’re looking for a particular eyeshadow or pigment, we invite you to use the search box located at the top right hand section of the website. If you’re having trouble locating a particular color, you’re welcome to contact us.

How do I apply false eyelashes?

Whether you’re new to false eyelashes, or you’re just looking for some tips and tricks on how to apply, remove and reuse them, you’re welcome to view this video on Zabrena’s YouTube channel.

How do I pick the perfect eyeshadow for my eyecolor?

You’re welcome to read the full post that gives detailed steps for selecting the BEST eyeshadows to make your eye color POP!

What are your top brush recommendations for beginners?

Zabrena really only uses four eyeshadow brushes in her everyday routine and doesn’t believe you need anymore than that to get professional results! You may see her full review and the top brushes she recommends here.


I don’t have a PayPal account; can I still become a member?

Certainly! On the Membership page, when you click the “Subscribe” button to begin your membership, you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s website. Under the login area, you’ll notice a gray button saying “Pay With A Debit or Credit Card”. Using this link will allow you to pay for membership without needing to have a PayPal account.

I paid for membership but I still can’t access the site.

Immediately after payment, you are redirected to the registration page where you can create your username and password. If this did not happen please contact us with your desired username/password and we’ll be more than happy to complete the registration for you.

If this is happening and you have logged in successfully before, please check to make sure you are logged into the site. If you’ve cleared your computer’s cookies, or haven’t logged in for a while, you may need to re-login.

I’m having trouble logging in all of the sudden.

We recommend resetting your password using the ‘Lost Your Password’ link located in the member log-in area. If you are still unable to access your account, let us know and we can reset your password for you. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a forgotten username too. You’re welcome to contact us and we will send it to you momentarily. If neither of these solve the issue, there may be an issue with PayPal processing the membership fee.

If I select the monthly option, do I need to renew each month?

Not at all! PayPal will automatically make the deductions for you each month. If you signed up on the 12th of the month, PayPal will automatically take the monthly fee from your account on the 12th of every month. In the instance that there is an issue between your banking institution and PayPal being able to deduct the membership fee, the membership will be suspended by the system and you will need to re-register.

Will my membership automatically renew each year?

Yes, if you sign up for Gold membership, your membership will automatically be renewed on your anniversary date of the following year, unless it is cancelled prior to the anniversary date. If your membership is renewed and you do not wish to continue your membership, you are welcome to contact us and we will be more than happy to issue a refund and cancel the membership for you.

One-on-One Consultations

Can you give me combination ideas for eyeshadows I already own?

Certainly! Zabrena is more than happy to help you. You’re welcome to inquire about a personal consultation on the Consultation Services page. In a consultation Zabrena will not only look at your own unique coloring and determine your eye shape, but will also be able to suggest combinations using eyeshadows you already own to enhance your own unique beauty.

I’m new to MAC; can you help me pick my first 15 eyeshadows?

Absolutely! It can be daunting to pick your first 15. You’re welcome to click here for a post that details Zabrena’s top picks for blue/green eyes. However, we understand every woman’s beauty is unique. Therefore, if you’d like a personal consultation, we invite you to view the Consultation Services page.

Questions For Zabrena

Do you use a primer on your eyes? What kind?

Yes! Zabrena has oily eyelids and lives in humid Florida so primer is a must-have! The primers she uses and recommends are the ones from NARS, NYX Proof It, or Milani’s primers, all are great choices for oily eyelids. If you have dry eyelids, she recommends Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance or LORAC’s Behind the Scenes primer. These particular primers are ideal for keeping eyeshadow crease-free well throughout the day.

What color is your hair? How do you style it?

Zabrena’s hair is strawberry blonde; it’s considered a mixture of red and blonde and yes, it is completely natural. Her routine consists of using shampoos/conditioners from either Pantene or Biotera (a Sally Beauty Supply brand) and an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse once every two weeks to remove product build-up from the scalp (this gives added volume!). For blow-drying straight, she uses Conair’s Infiniti Pro Spin Brush. When she chooses to go curly, she applies a gel from Pantene or DevaCurl Styling cream to damp hair as seen in this video tutorial.

Which eyeliner is your favorite?

Zabrena has quite a few! Her favorite gel eyeliners come from Inglot (#77 and 89 in particular); she also loves Rimmel ScandalEyes and the Maybelline Lasting Drama pencils for their smudge-proof stay-all-day wear. Stila’s line of waterproof pencils are another one of her favorites, as are L.A. Girl Gel eyeliners.