One-On-One Personal Consultation via Email

Whether you’re trying to select your first 15 MAC eyeshadows, or you just need some guidance in terms of what combinations you can create with the eyeshadows you already own, a personal consultation is available to personally answer your questions.

email-logoAfter booking, you will be redirected to a page of questions so Zabrena can design a personalized consultation, uniquely for you. You will be asked to send a clear photo of your face (with or without makeup), as well as provide a list of the eyeshadows you currently own and how many eyeshadows you’re comfortable with wearing at a time. You are also welcome to ask any additional questions you may have about makeup application; they do not need to pertain only to eyeshadow. Please note all information and pictures shared throughout the consultation process are immediately destroyed after the consultation is complete and are never kept on file.

The amount of time purchased will determine the amount of time Zabrena spends in her detailed response. (Example: If you purchase a 30 minute time block, Zabrena will spend 30 minutes in her response.)

Note: Please allow 5 business days turnaround time; open to all time zones / all countries.

How Long Would You Like?

Testimonials, from beautiful ladies like you!

One word………WOW!! Thank you so so much for your very detailed work, Zabrena. I can’t thank you enough. The combinations you’ve given me will definitely help me along my way in my business. Plus, I can’t wait to try the combo’s you’ve recommended for me personally!  – Jane, United Kingdom

WOW!  Thank you for such a detailed response.  It is much appreciated!  I am headed to MAC this weekend to pick up some new colors and try news looks!  Such a valuable service you are providing.  Mindi

I was surprised how many pairings you created given only a handful of colors. Very impressive!  I never would have tried Texture on the lid with All that Glitters in the crease. I did this morning and it looks great. Thanks again for your thoughtful insight and brilliant pairing suggestions. Megan

Thank you for the great job you did. I cannot stress enough how glad I am that I found your site. – Adelya

Oh my goodness! This has been such a wonderful experience! Thank you so very much for helping me! I can’t wait to get the Mac shadows! I appreciate your time. You’ve gone above and beyond for me. 🙂 – Amanda

THANK you Zabrena for a very productive consultation. Ladies and gentleman Z is just as nice in cyber-person and she was very helpful. I wanted help building my MAC collection and choosing colors that would suit me and compliment my existing collection. Z was able to point me toward some nice shades and away from others. She was also able to suggest over 35 combinations using colors I have and plan to purchase soon. Great consult and enjoyed her as a person too. Thanks again. – Teri